Innovative products

The Company develops its innovative product addressing various new markets where remote sensing and monitoring as well as data analysis and predictions can enhance the environmental impact.

Global Presence

In the last couple of years we have expanded our market reach and have strengthened our competitive global market position. Our products are offered to a wide and well diversified customer base including national weather services and organizations, big multinational industrial firms, global and national environmental agencies and organizations, emergency and fire detection agencies and organizations, airports as well as renowned research and educational institutions.

Scientific background

Raymetrics has a profound scientific background, which combined with the engineering “problem solving” attitude has culminated into the globally recognized innovative and proprietary LIDAR technology to remotely sense the layers of the atmosphere.


New Technology Investments

In cooperation with the field’s top scientists, Raymetrics’ team conducts cutting edge Research and Development continuously developing new systems and upgrading the existing product portfolio. While a portion of the funds is provided internally, the Company’s pristine reputation make it eligible for a variety of national and international government subsidies including the European Commission Framework Programmes, the European Investment Bank as well as the General Secretariat for Research and Development (Greece)


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