Numerical Modeling

Deployment of Appropriate Models to cover large number of needs


Early Warning System

Wind and Solar power prediction
Hydro-meteorological hazards
Gas and Particle dispersion

Weather Forecasting

Weather Forecast
Hydro-meteorological hazards and air pollution
Air Quality monitoring and forecasting

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Gas and Particle dispersion
Climate change
Ship routing

Raymetrics has developed its own modeling system, namely the RFS (Raymetrics integrated Forecasting System)

RFS utilizes state-of-the-art modeling systems in conjunction with actual data from many sources like LiDAR systems, in-situ stations, satellite data as well as any data provided by the user


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Numerical Modeling

Integrated Solutions

Numerical Modeling 

Since 2002 Raymetrics has been designing and manufacturing atmospheric remote sensing systems for meteorological and other similar applications. Today we are the world leader in the rising wave of remote sensing technology in operational and commercial sectors such as Meteorology, Aviation, Environmental Protection, Mining, Oil & Gas and Heavy Industry

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Raymetrics is to become the first atmospheric LIDAR manufacturer able to offer certifications for its products, as well as for their systematic uncertainties, from LiCAL/ACTRIS, according to document doi:10.5194/amt-9-4181-2016
The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified