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The ESA Mobile Raman LIDAR was procured by TEC-MME in 2007. The instrument was installed at a van and complemented by a Microprobes Sun Photometer

The EMORAL LIDAR observations at the PolWET site in Rzecin, Poland, on 10 June 2019. The scattering ratio (top), quasi-particle depolarization ratio (middle), and backscatter colour ratio (bottom) derived at 532 nm with 30 m spatial and 30 s temporal resolutions


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The original architecture of the instrument was a basic 1 a+2 ß+ 1d : 355nm polar,355nm crosspolar, 387nm, 532nm
 In 2014 it was upgraded with the installation of additional channels : 1 a+2 ß+ 2d : 355nm polar,355nm crosspolar, 387nm, 532nm polar, 532nm cross polar

In 2017 it shall become a 2 a+3 ß+ 2d, with the introduction of 1064 nm and 607 nm

In addition to the instrument upgrades, in 2016 the van was also replaced and customised to support better the instrument

Optics & Opto-Electroncis Laboratory (OOEL)
 The Optics & Opto-Electroncis Laboratory (OOEL) is a joint laboratory of the Optics (TEC-MMO) and Opto-Electroncis (TEC-MME) sections at ESTEC. The OOEL provides expert advice with a state-of-the-art ISO17025 accredited laboratory:

  • to evaluate promising novel technologies prior to industrial activities
  • to independently assess the outcome of industrial activities in support to ESA’s projects and Research & Development efforts
  • to experimentally support root-cause-analysis for system or component level malfunctions
  • to provide, to maintain hands-on experience and competence of staff and trainees (Young Graduate Trainees and interns)

Since 2007, it took part in the following Campaigns

  • 2010 -Cloud Studies (Netherlands)
  • 2011 -Acemed,CarbonExp,Aegean Game Campaigns (Greece)
  • 2012 -Hyflex (Germany & Czech Republic)
  • 2013 -Sen2Exp (France)
  • 2014 -CHARADMExp (Greece)
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Since 2002 Raymetrics has been designing and manufacturing atmospheric remote sensing systems for meteorological and other similar applications. Today we are the world leader in the rising wave of remote sensing technology in operational and commercial sectors such as Meteorology, Aviation, Environmental Protection, Mining, Oil & Gas and Heavy Industry

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Raymetrics is to become the first atmospheric LIDAR manufacturer able to offer certifications for its products, as well as for their systematic uncertainties, from LiCAL/ACTRIS, according to document doi:10.5194/amt-9-4181-2016
The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified