Desert Dust

Deliver timely and qualitative sand and dust storm forecasts as well as insightful observations

Eerly Warning systems

Desert Dust Monitoring

Suspended sand and dust generate semi-permanent patterns of local and regional scales that persist in the atmosphere for several days

Remote Dust Monitoring Systems


Given the uncertainty regarding future dust emissions and their potential large impact in human lives and the economy, the importance of deploying alert mechanisms for dust storms is imperative


In its mission as a world leader in weather, climate, water, and related environmental issues

World Meteorlogical Organization (WMO) has a mission as a world leader in weather, climate, water, and related environmental issues

WMO contributes to the safety and well-being of people throughout the world, and to the societal and economic benefit of all nations. Sand and Dust storms (SDS) are recognized by WMO as serious events that can affect climate, weather, environment, and jeopardize human health globally

Higher Efficiency in Observations

A whole new dimension in environmental operations

Dust aerosols impact the climate system by influencing the radiation budget, cloud processes, and various biogeochemical cycles. Due to numerous impacts of dust on health, environment and climate, there is high societal and research interest to:
better understand the atmospheric dust process
prevent its unwanted impacts
predict dust transport events Innovative techniques and methodologies contribute to better understanding all related processes to any such event.

Raymetrics, combining almost two decades of innovative LIDAR development with partnerships with scientific leaders, produces an integrated dust monitoring system that provides unsurpassed monitoring capability and accuracy in dust forecasting and early warning                             


Raymetrics offers


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Raymetrics is developing a unique cloud-based platform that integrates LIDAR data with other sensors and information sources to address specific client needs

Remote dust detector

Remote Dust Monitoring Systems

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