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Raymetrics participates in ASKOS Aeolus CAL/VAL Campaign

Athens, 01.07.2021 @Raymetrics #eVeLidar lidar operates in Cape Verde in operation for the @ESA wind satellite Aeolus ALADIN onboard ESA-Aeolus satellite mission, is a Doppler Wind Lidar (DWL) operating in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum (355 nm), implemented in a transceiver configuration, and tilted 35° from nadir in order to provide line-of-sight wind profiles. […]

Hellenic Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media

Meeting the European Space Agency and Large Space System Integrators on 24 September at Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media/Oral presentations Raymetrics participated in the Hellenic Space Industry Day, Sept. 24, 2018 Raymetrics presented its impressive manufacturing background and in particular its solid track record and aspirations on Space activities during the Hellenic Space […]

Raymetrics exhibition at Hydromet Africa, February 19 -22, 2019

ASIA’S WORLD SCALE METEOROLOGY EVENT  The InterMET Asia exhibition & conference, held in association with the World Bank-GFDRR,  is a unique marketplace bringing together the global weather and climate industry with those in the public and private sectors seeking to mitigate and manage the risks of extreme weather and climate change, and to understand the […]

Raymetrics exhibition at Hydromet Africa, February 19 -22, 2019

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) will be hosting the three more important WMO events of the African hydrometeorological calendar in February 2019. WMO RA-I RECO (technical hydromet conference), RA-I quadrennial meeting (50+ NHMS Director-Generals), and AMCOMET (African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology – 40 Ministers). Together, these events bring together all major decision-makers in the African […]

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