Aerosol LIDARs for
ACTRIS National Facilities

Anchored in Athens but with global reach and ambition, Raymetrics is a company founded by scientists and engineers to develop state-of-the-art LIDAR systems appropriate for scientists and non-experts alike. Developed through a long-term collaboration with the EARLINET community, Raymetrics LIDARs perform state-of-the-art measurements robustly and in a fully automatic way Raymetrics LIDARs are guaranteed to follow all ACTRIS Quality Assurance protocols, will fill the requirements for ACTRIS National Facility for Aerosol Remote Sensing, and minimize the operation and maintenance costs

State of the art Design

All critical optical components are fully characterized for depolarization effects

The custom-built telescopes use carbon-fiber structure for maximum thermal stability and are designed to maximize their optical efficiency for LIDAR application

The custom-built wavelength separation units provide robust, fully sealed, and upgradable detection system

Our open design policy assures that get all the information you need for your scientific applications


Measurement Capabilities

Ready for science

Ready for operations


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