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Raymetrics, always on the forefront of technological advances and development, designs new products that address all key and essential environmental parameters

Our products are used for a wide variety of applications:

Our instruments integrate state-of-the-art technology developed from our in-house team in cooperation with numerous research laboratories in Europe

Our proprietary technology developed by R&D materializes through our manufacturing experience in building robust, stand-alone systems and 3D scanning or vertical mode systems which are able to operate 24/7 even in hard environmental conditions




Raymetrics has a broad approach in resolving critical problems, merging deep technical knowledge with a detailed understanding of the specific environment in which the new technologies will be applied, thus offering its customers full support and comprehensive solutions

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LIDAR is an excellent tool to identify all possible pollution emission sources related to industrial activities. Using LIDAR data we can correlate specific activities and pollution emissions and provide detailed mapping of emission plumes

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