State of the Art Remote


State of the Art Remote Sensors

A State of the art continuous daytime depolarization LIDAR

The α-LIDAR is a state-of-the-art instrument designed to meet the operational and data quality requirements of the ACTRIS research Infrastructure

Continuous operation, providing daytime backscatter, one daytime, one extinction, one HSRL night-time extinction and three depolarization products
(3β, 1α-daytime+1 hsrl, 6a-nighttime, 3δ, 1 water vapour)



α-LIDAR for MARS (Măgurele center for Atmosphere and Radiation Studies)

The system is the central instrument of the new MARS research station, designed to be the most modern such station in Eastern Europe

α-LIDAR is a reference system for the European ACTRIS Research Infrastructure (Aerosol, Cloud, and trace Gases research infraStructure- At the same time, the system will be used to identify future European Space Missions (ESA) and the US (NASA)

Without high-quality observation data to constrain predictive models, any forecast of the atmosphere is highly unreliable

The functionality of ACTRIS is based on a large number of National Facilities (NFs) widely distributed over Europe and also located at selected sites outside of Europe

The major task of the NFs is the acquisition and delivery of quality-controlled data



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Raymetrics is developing a unique cloud-based platform that integrates LIDAR data with other sensors and information sources to address specific client needs


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