Raymetrics was founded in 2002
We are the first atmospheric LIDAR company in the world

We aim to be the pioneer in addressing the environmental challenges through our software platform and unique integrating capabilities. These allow us to analyze the data provided by a constellation of LIDARs and other advanced sensors



New Technology Investments

In cooperation with the field’s top scientists, Raymetrics’ team conducts cutting edge Research and Development continuously developing new systems and upgrading the existing product portfolio

Why Raymetrics Makes the Difference?


Supporting industries that affect everyone

Our proprietary and advanced technology solutions support the seamless operations of heavy industry (pollutant reduction and elimination), aviation, meteorology, water management, oil & gas, civil and environmental protection among a few to mention


Building better air quality and safer environment

We contribute to a healthy planet and a better living by providing quality data for a more sustainable climate, cleaner air and safer environment


Delivering innovative and integrated solutions

The present and future requirements as on the collection of data lead us to continuously develop new products and services. Integrated technology, faster processing, higher accuracy and minimum human dependency are our driving forces


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